New IPBES webinar series

The IPBES secretariat, as part of its work on capacity-building, has launched the IPBES webinar series to provide learning resources for those involved in, or wanting to learn more about, the work of the Platform.

As part of the series, they have recorded a number of webinars presenting the key findings of the Methodological Assessment of Scenarios and Models and the four Regional Assessments of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. The webinars, presented by the Assessment co-chairs, are aimed at policymakers, practitioners, civil society organisations, students and everyone else interested in learning about the Assessments’ findings. They have been created to familiarise audiences with the Assessment Reports and stimulate interest in accessing the Summaries for Policymakers (SPMs) and the full Assessment Reports.

The recordings of all webinars in the series are made available as a learning resource on the IPBES website:, and you can access the newly released webinars directly through the links below:

IPBES Regional Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Africa
Accessible here:
Presenters: Emma Archer and Luthando Dziba

IPBES Regional Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for the Americas
English version
Accessible here:
Presenter: Jake Rice

Spanish version
Accessible here:
Presenter: Maria Elena Zaccagnini

Portuguese version
Accessible here:
Presenter: Cristiana Simão Seixas

IPBES Regional Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Asia and the Pacific
Accessible here:
Presenters: Madhav Karki and Sonali Senaratna Sellamuttu

IPBES Regional Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Europe and Central Asia
Accessible here:
Presenters: Markus Fischer and Mark Rounsevell

IPBES Methodological Assessment of Scenarios and Models of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Accessible here:
Presenter: Simon Ferrier

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