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Types of ecosystems services assessed  


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23/01/2021 6:57 pm  

Were the services related to coastal ecosystem taken into consideration for the assessment? 

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01/02/2021 7:07 pm  

During the development of this case study, under MOVE project, only terrestrial ecosystem services were addressed. This was defined based on the assumption that MOVE case studies should be as diverse as possible to allow analysing different aspects of the MAES methodology. Some Regions, such as the Canary Islands, Martinique or the Falkland Islands, addressed only coastal/marine ecosystems, while the Azores and French Guiana addressed only terrestrial ecosystems.

We invite you to visit MOVE channels to check the other case studies, as well as the MOVE-ON site and social media channels ( to follow Macaronesia Anchor project, which will address the coastal and marine environment in Canaries and the Azores.



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