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The right place for MAES implementation in the Azores  


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22/01/2021 6:06 pm  

Which were the main reasons for choosing Terceira Island for the Azores case study? Why not choosing other areas such as Pico or Sao Miguel? 

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01/02/2021 6:59 pm  

Data availability was the main reason for choosing only Terceira Island. As one of the objectives was to assess the differences in results of different approaches (using different data sets: Corine Land Cover, Land Use Cover and Sentinel data) we needed data for the three data sets and Terceira Island was, at the time of the case study development, the only island to have ready to use Sentinel data. We agree that modelling ecosystem services to the other islands will be an added value for the Region.

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03/03/2021 12:41 pm  

As the majority of input data used for Terceira will be valid for other islands, the extrapolation of our models to other islands will be much easier. This could be very interesting for further studies!


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