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Transfer of knowledge: from French mainland to the Guiana territory  


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02/02/2021 1:55 pm  

What can we learn and transfer from the french mainland MAES process to French Guiana territories? Is it possible to do this transfer when ecosystems in both areas differ in such a large extent? 

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02/02/2021 2:21 pm  

The french MAES process with its national ecosystem assessment shows that there are multiple ways in which the French population benefits from functioning ecosystems and the services they supply. Different methods are shown to effectively map and assess ecosystem services. Even though ecosystems differ, the conceptual and methodological knowledge, as well as the institutional knowledge will be beneficial for French Guiana. The French examples, also those applying matrix assessments (see Campagne et al. 2017; 2018; 2019) will be of value for the French Guiana case study and the initialization of the MAES process.



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18/02/2021 11:27 am  

I think it is also relevant to communicate back the findings from French Guiana to the EU mainland. This learning process should not be a one-way street. Often, the people in the Overseas Territories feel largely disconnected from Europe, so having our own examples, case studies and reports, with values and numbers and graphs representing local realities is important. Also, better representation at EU level is needed.


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