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From French Guiana to other territories  


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02/02/2021 1:59 pm  

Do the MAES method and process applied in French Guiana be applied and extrapolated to neighbourhood countries? What about to other overseas countries and territories? 

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18/02/2021 10:55 am  

Some methods, such as the Land use based ES capacity matrix assessment in French Guiana can easily be applied in neighboring countries, however, it is important to collect data from the according region.

For example, if we were to conduct such an assessment in Brazil, it would be imperative to organize a comparative participatory stakeholder workshop as we conducted in Cayenne in October 2019. This way, we can ensure that the outcomes of the assessments are comparable.

If comparability of results is not in the focus, the method can be easily adjusted to different LULC types and different ES - this is no problem at all.

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19/02/2021 12:32 pm  

Such a comparative approach seems highly interesting. It would be interesting to see if there are differences in the stakeholder perception on ecosystem services and whether one really can compare the different assessments.


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