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MAES results for everyone: the challenge of simplification  


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02/02/2021 1:57 pm  

How can we share and communicate the results from MAES in French Guiana to the people that do not have a technical or scientific background? This is a big challenge given that not everyone is going to be familiarised with the concept of "ecosystem services" 

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03/03/2021 11:46 am  

Dear Joris,

indeed, figures and graphs will be much easier understandable then complicated reports. Also, we tried to stay away from entirely economic evaluations, as this might cast a wrong picture to the French Guiana's population, of cash and Euros directly available within the ecosystems - which is not the case. Rather we tried to focus on multi-functionality of landscapes, raising awareness on the multiple ES supplied by the individual ecosystems, working with pictures and bundles.


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