Coordination, research & innovation related events

Meetings, action days, scientific seminars and conferences which MOVE Project members are involved.

July 2019 (8 - 13)

International Island Biology Conference

The University of La Réunion will host the next International Island Biology Conference. MOVE project will be involved in this important forum.  After Hawaii and the […] View more
15-19 October 2018

Ecosystem Services Partnership Regional Conference, Europe 2018

Preliminary Theme: Ecosystem services in a changing world: moving from theory to practice As the threats of climate change are becoming more noticeable, the importance […] View more
28-29 May 2018

MOVE project kick off meeting

The first meeting of the partners belonging to the MOVE project took place at the end of May 2018 in the city of Ponta Delgada […] View more

Electronic Forum

A tool to facilitate the dialogue among the stakeholders and the project partners

Electronic Forum