MOVE Webinar series (Seventh Case Study: French Guiana)

  • Celebration date: February 9. 11:00-12:00 (GMT, Azores Time)
  • Place of celebration: Zoom Web Conferencing
  • Organizer: MOVE PROJECT
  • Website:

MOVE Project will present the case study of the Outermost Region of French Guiana on February 9th as the last but not least of seven MOVE webinars. The general objective of this webinar series is to mobilize the exchanging of information between stakeholders, local partners, and the general public by presenting the preliminary results of different case studies.

The talk will be presented by Ina Sieber (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany) and will focus on an assessment of land use changes based on different spatial imagery classifications and deforestation data.

Furthermore, we will present the first overview of ecosystem services bundles for the different land use/land cover classes throughout French Guiana. Finally, the impacts of land use changes on the supply of ecosystem services will be discussed.

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