MOVE project recommends MOOC Conservation


MOVE project recommends MOOC Conservation (Massive Open Online Course), a platform that is dedicated to online courses on nature conservation. The training materials are developed by IUCN-PAPACO (the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Programme on African Protected Areas and Conservation) and its partners.

The courses are free of charge and open to all and they are meant for an unlimited number of participants. MOOCs gives anyone with an Internet connection access to training on a wide selection of topics. They are usually made up of short thematic videos, quizzes, automatically or peer-graded assessments, recommended readings, etc.

One of the MOVE project partners, the Spanish NGO Asociación Biodiversidad Atlántica y Sostenibilidad (ABAS), which actively collaborates in different projects linked to the ECOAQUA Institute of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, will participate in the content elaboration of one of the MOOCs courses, focused in marine conservation areas. It will be available next March.

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