MOVE webinar series: Second case study on the Falkland Islands


The second MOVE webinar that focused on the case study of the Falkland Islands took place on July 16th. During the webinar, partners from the University of Trento (Italy) briefly discussed the Mapping and Assessment for Ecosystem and their services (MAES) approach and gave a quick introductory talk of the MOVE project and the MOVE webinar series in their importance for facilitating the sharing of knowledge between partners and the general public.

The main talk of the webinar was led by Dr Dan Bailey from the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI), who presented preliminary results on the ecosystem services value associated with the giant kelp forests of the Falklands. This work focused on estimating the direct services of harvested kelp-associated fisheries, and potential harvested kelp alginate value as well as the indirect services of nutrient cycling and carbon storage / sequestration. Methodological approaches were also discussed, such as the use and accuracy of satellite remote sensing to measure the extent of kelp forest, and estimates underwater density using SCUBA ground-truthing.

More than 20 people attended this event and, in contrast to our first webinar, we had higher heterogeneity of participants from different backgrounds and institutions, mostly associated to the European research community outside the regional area of the Falklands.

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