MOVE webinar series: Third case study on Martinique


The third MOVE webinar, which focused on the case study of the Martinique, took place on July 30. Hosted once more by the University of Trento (Italy), the introduction to this webinar briefly discussed the MOVE project and the importance of the MOVE webinar series to share relevant scientific knowledge that stem from our 7 regional case studies.

In this occasion, the main presentation was divided into two sections; the first one, led by Dr. Jean-Philippe Maréchal from the Nova Blue Environmental company (France), focused on the assessment of coral reef ecosystem condition over the past 20 years. Main results covered major benthic compartments and fish assemblages to detect stable and transitional stages. Ewan Trégarot, from the University of Portsmouth (UK), conducted the second part of the webinar and presented some preliminary results on the assessment of ecosystem services such as coastal protection, water purification and biomass production, and their link with the ecosystem condition of coral reefs in Martinique. This assessment was further complemented by an economic valuation for wave energy attenuation, water treatment and fish biomass production.

With a total of 12 participants, a brief analyses from their profiles and institutional backgrounds showed that this webinar mas mainly attended by partners from the Regional Found of Science and Technology of the Azores, and members of the research community from the regional area of Martinique.

You can access the webinar broadcast video at the following link:

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