The MOVE project survey approaches its data collection objective in just three months


This line of work by MOVE, coordinated by L’Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD) as requested by the direction of the project, set the goal of having a minimum of 30 surveys in each of the European Union’s outermost regions and overseas territories, to establish an initial diagnosis of the situation and the mapping of marine ecosystems

One of the initial objectives of the MOVE project was to carry out a survey among 1179 actors from those territories far from the European continent related with the maritime sector, in order to set, with the answers obtained, an initial diagnosis of the situation of their maritime environments and the mapping of their marine ecosystems. 996 of them confirmed the reception of the survey.

As is well known, the MOVE project brings together 14 partners representing three overseas territories and countries (New Caledonia, the Netherlands Antilles and the territories of the United Kingdom in the southwest Atlantic) and five outermost regions (Réunion, the Canary Islands, the Azores, Martinique, and French Guiana). Only three months after the dissemination of the surveys to the different members of MOVE, the goal of having a minimum of 30 questionnaires filled in per territory is close to be achieved. The data will provide critical information to compose a realistic state of affairs for each of them.

Among the 996 actors that confirmed the reception of the survey there are public administrations, organizations, companies, and institutions linked to the marine sector who were asked to respond to a questionnaire agreed by the entities responsible for the project, sent both in paper and digital format and which had an impact on several key aspects in 22 questions.

Specifically, the surveys make it possible to extract information on proximity to ecosystem services (2 questions), work carried out on their ecosystems (8 questions), work related to ecosystem services and existing research projects on ecosystem services and participants’ expectations with the MOVE project (4 questions).

In regions such as the Canary Islands, Réunion, French Guiana, New Caledonia, and the Netherlands Antilles, the objective has already been achieved or is close to be. To date, the project has already received 187 completed surveys, which represents a response rate of almost 19% written and oral in relation with those received, and is expected to continue to receive responses from partners.

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